Acu Conference

Simulates a conference setting where there is a Moderator, one or more co-moderators (as appointed by Moderator), and participants. Provides features that enable all participants of the web-based conference to engage in live, dynamic discussions and decision-making.

conferenceSimply Simple

You want to conference and not have to learn about a conference system.

Shouldn’t the conference system be designed around you?

After all, the reason you want to hold an online conference is to save travel time and lodging cost. You really don’t want to waste the time you saved on learning about a conference system.



We get it!

Having a decade of product development and service experience as well as the opportunity of interaction with users, we arrive at a very simple conclusion. That conclusion is being simple!

AcuConference Image 2Users are not interested in the cocktail of features in a conference. In fact, users do not even want to know how technologically advance the system is. The objective of using an online conference is similar to that of going into a physical meeting room and that is to present to your audience.

With AcuConference 7, it is exactly just that! Open your file and present.

No cockpit controls! No tools to learn! No new work process!

Use your PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF the way you use to present.


Let’s start ….

AcuConference Image 3

If you want to Share your PowerPoint, click on Share PPT. Select your PowerPoint and the system will open your PowerPoint. All functions of PowerPoint will be based on the PowerPoint. We don’t convert your PowerPoint into some strange format and ask you to learn our presentation tools!

The same goes for other document types.




What you do not need to worry and know about:

Since you already know what you know, we want to share with you what you do not need to know.

Network stability: System makes the necessary adjustments for you based on network conditions and ensures the most optimum settings in any given environment.

Bandwidth: System adjusts the clarity and frame rate based on bandwidth allocated.

Size and Quality of Video: System makes the adjustments to source size and quality to ensure optimum video clarity.

Echo problem: System detects audio echo and cancels out the echo during conference.

Full Screen: When you need to display in Full Screen for the Local Audience, the Online Audience will still see the presentation and the presenter.

Boss Presenting: Let the Secretary manage the presentation for the Boss. System manages the different views: Boss sees all Audience and Audience sees Boss.

Conserve Bandwidth: System stops data transmission when presenter’s slide is loaded (there will be data transmission if there are animations on slide).

Conserve CPU: System allows support for GPU if CUDA is supported.

Scalability: System routes and allocates servers based on Optimum Performance Redirection. The delivery architecture ensures almost unlimited number of participants.

Hundreds of thousands of users cannot be wrong:

AcuConference is used by telecommunication operators, hospitals, education, manufacturing and government institutions. Ask our resellers for a free demonstration to understand why AcuConference is the preferred choice.