Acu Studio

Produce On Demand or Broadcast your presentation or Screen Capture content with EASE. Support PowerPoint, Word, Excel, graphics format, PDF, SWF. SAVE time using powerful edit functions to video during preview or recording. Enhance your presentation with highlight, pointer, text input, whiteboard, web-surfing, pen and more. Publish your recording to hard disk, network and SCORM package.

Made for MOOC

Producing content for MOOC need not be an extensive nor expensive exercise. With the help of AcuStudio, you can easily produce MOOC content because it supports recording of high quality video as well as your presentation slides and document camera. You do not even have to worry about layout. AcuStudio will automatically determine where the point of focus should be.


Proven Solutions

AcuLearn’s rich media communication solution suite is being used and proven by Telcos, Corporations and major Universities connecting hundreds of thousands of people together.

True “all in one” rich media solution

On one single scalable architecture, AcuLearn delivers all your rich media communication needs with the provision of live web broadcasts, real time interactive conference/ work collaboration and creation and distribution of on demand learning content.

Working within your secure network

AcuLearn’s solution is being used in places with high network security demands. Our solutions work with proxy server, domain authentication and most types of Microsoft ISA security settings.

Optimal Performance Redirection

Playback is automatically redirected to the AcuStream (streaming server) with the best network response. It enhances the playback experience as well as localize the bandwidth.

AcuStudio Image 2

Support 3 Video Channel Input

AcuStudio can be connected to 3 video input devices which gives users the choice of recording the lecturer, his slides and document camera. You can specify these settings in the schedule. In the event where the input device is not turned on, AcuStudio will automatically re-work its output format to suit the number of recorded devices.

Point Of Focus View

When AcuStudio detects any change of slide or movements on the document camera, it will automatically place that channel to the big video screen.

Compatible with AcuManager, AcuStream and AcuPodcast

AcuStudio works with the same AcuManager/ AcuStream architecture. There is no need to re-invest and build up your network again.

Unicode Support For Closed Caption

Unicode support means that you can use AcuStudio in any language. Trainers can include multi-language transcript and closed caption to reach out to audience with different language needs. Playback content automatically detects your computer settings and displays transcript in the preferred language.

Schedule Record And Live Webcast

Once the semester schedule is finalized, you can simply import the schedule into AcuManager. Then the set up in the different lecture halls will find their respective schedule tasks and record the lectures automatically. Each lecture can be set to record or webcast or both. When the task is completed, AcuStudio will publish the content to the AcuManager, BlackBoard or Moodle. Protected content supports single sign on.

Slide Based Editing

Slide GUI

Editing is very simple. If it is just a portion that you want to trim off, select that time range and trim. Maybe you may want to put some additional content in between. Simply record the content and move it. If you do not want a slide simply select the slide and delete it.

Live Monitor

With Live Monitor, you can see and hear the lecture  prior and during the recording.  You can monitor up to 9 lecture halls at the same time. Live Monitor lists the next 3 scheduled tasks for each lecture hall.


No More Silent Movie

You don’t start recording exactly on time. Lecture starts probably a couple of minutes late. AcuStudio will mark the start of playback at the point when the microphone is turned on. If the whole recording is without audio, AcuStudio will mark the content for you to delete them easily.

Technical Requirements

Microsoft Windows Vista or later

Pentium i3, 2GB RAM and above

Standard sound card with headset,  microphone, speakers and webcam


Audio/Video Bit Rate 10 standard templates Customizable
Security BlackBoard, Moodle or in-built Access Password Trainer set access rights
Scalability 90, 000 concurrent connections
Supported Video Epiphan VGA2USB, Standard USB webcam, Osprey Video Card and others
Web Browse Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Android and iOS