AcuLege service portal provides comprehensive portal to aid both inspiring and established tuition centers and teachers the ability to outreach all audiences.

When you subscribed AcuLege’s service, you own your personal domain to list your content, class, webcast, eCourses AND set the terms to reseller of your stuff.

AcuLege is also marketed as AcuLearn Online service with CAT for the Kingdom of Thailand.

AcuLege also provide payment service integrated to Paypal so that your audiences can easily purchase your content with credit card.

Of course, the billing details will show you how your business grow with AcuLege.

AcuLearn Online e-campus solution (ECS) is a comprehensive eco-system consisting of video production, lecture recording, lecture monitoring, content delivery, Realtime video conference, enterprise IM with document sharing and search capability.

When user login to his account, he will get access to all the services the campus offers.

Works on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

ECS – Enhancing your campus experience

Course groups:

The moment you step into the campus and login to ECS, you are the community. Not only when you are in the campus, you bring the community with you where ever you go. With your PC, Mac, Android and iPhone, you can share your ideas and get connected with your course groups.

ECS IM (AcuCom):

AcuCom is the mobile instant messenger for ECS. In your contact list are your course groups. AcuCom is a full features IM with designed controls different from social apps. When you create a chat discussion group, there is no risk of members leaving the group because AcuCom ensure that your message will be received by all users in the group. AcuCom’s Note is the notice board of your chat group. You can post your notice, video, picture and share your timeline

When a document, PPT, PDF, text, picture with captions are shared with the group AcuCom captures and index all body text. When you search, AcuCom will list and categorise the result of your search such as keyword from particular document, Notes, caption of a picture or name of a contact.

Video production (AcuStudio):

AcuStudio is used for easy DIY video presentation production. AcuStudio automatically capture your presentation, text in the slide and speaker notes. The video and slides are uploaded to the video portal where they are organised and published all the members of the course groups. You can use AcuStudio to webcast live video feed of your presentation or lecture theaters.

Video Portal:

The portal is closely connected to AcuStudio and you. When you login to the video portal site, you will be shown the latest video posted your courses. The video can be organised into playlist so that you can watch them in right sequence without the need to search for them.

With each video, you can post your questions, ideas and comments. Since each question posted is time tagged, your lecturer can easily click on your comment and know the part of the video content your question is related to.

Interactive video classroom (AcuConference):

You can start a group discussion simply by sending your “classroom number”. AcuConference is a real time video conference in ECS. AcuConference shows the video of the participants and your presentation slides. With a push of a button, the discussion can be recorded and publish to the video portal as minutes of the discussion.