About Us

Aculearn Online (AO) has established a vision in year 2001 to provide a single communication platform for video, audio and data collaboration over the Internet. A platform that will enable small medium enterprises, multi-national corporations to communicate effectively over the Internet.

With that vision, AO has developed AcuStudio (Video media production), AcuLive (Live streaming), AcuConference (Interactive conference), AcuManager and AcuStream (Content Delivery Network) to assist industries to adopt quick and effective means to deliver and produce on demand content.

These solutions are quickly adopted by major Universities like Nanyang Technological University, Taylor’s University, Government agencies and military alike.

Content playback from network. Picture shows content with transcript and multiple user views.

The decade of 2010 shows the increasing adoption Internet for business and communications. AO continue to expand its solutions to include enterprise IM and adopt latest technologies to aid businesses to communicate and sell its services. AO in partnership with Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT), launch a service portal for online tuition for the nation. Creating a portal for tuition centers to sell its courses to student nationwide. AcuLearn Online by CAT provides complete ecosystem solutions such as registration, invoice, e-payment gateway, video courses and interactive live video classes.

AcuLearn Online in partnership whit CAT

With the availability of faster and cheaper data, AO creates e-Campus solution compromises of enterprise IM, lecture hall recording, video production, VOD, live streaming and real time conference as SAAS eliminating the arduous need of in-house setup. Faster, cheaper and lesser strain to in-house IT department. AO ECS eco-system employs single sign on (SSO) and can also be integrated to Blackboard or Moodle learning management system. ECS uses AcuCom IM to radically enchance campus sharing and effectiveness by consolidating access through mobile app. From AcuCom, users are able to share documents and access campus live stream and video through the app. All documents shared in AcuCom are fully indexed so that they can be searched easily.

AcuCom PC and mobile. Search any text in document.
Free software to produce and stream live multi-channel media to campus.

To assist rising social media super stars and influencers in business, AO creates AcuLege service. This web service provide users with their private portal to create their content services. There services include eBook, VOD, live streaming and real time interactive class. The service also provides poster templates for the user to post on their social media. In China, this service is tied to WeChat so that the user can published content to WeChat moments. WeChat payment is integrated with AcuLege. As content creator, you can set the terms to resell your content to other influencers to extend your market reach.

Publisher page: Set your reseller's term.
WeChat in app live interactive conference on mobile