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Making online business management easy

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Things you can do on the Calendar

Drag and drop to setup your courses
Set any custom weekly repeats
Add makeup classes
Change instructor
Adjust for holidays
Add users mid-class
And many more......

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Select course/ class and send out your assignments. Your users will get notified through email or browser.
Users submit completed assignments attached with documents and media files.

Matching skills

You can create a course with certain skill requirements. The course will automatically match the teaching skills of the teachers to that course.

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Progress reports

From the user list, you can access the historical records of your users past submissions, grades as well as attendance details.

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Features: Services
flexible billing.png

Flexible billings

Promotional discount.

Bill for deposit.

Whether it's one-time bill for entire course,

bill per month by number of lessons,

or bill every X lessons.....

No worry, it's all handled automatically.

Need to charge additional for miscellaneous costs (eg course materials), just a simple click will do! 


Pay For Only What You Use

Start with free entry level. 

Add additional account (teacher)

Add live classroom of 10 /20

Add storage

No package fees, just pay for what you need.

Integrated Live Online Class

No longer needed to sign up for separate 3rd party conferencing services.

With integrated schedule, just click on notification to enter class, no passwords needed.

Teacher's course content pre loaded for easy sharing and access.

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Real Time Reports

Bookings, lessons taught, backlog, payment status, teacher monthly payment, accounting records.

View consolidated reports across multiple training centers.

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